Sunshiney Days (0-1)

Your baby will be welcomed into a friendly relaxed atmosphere where we will put an emphasis on tender loving care with lots of cuddles. At this stage, your baby’s development will be under constant assessment. Baby’s day will be recorded in their individual diaries which will provide detailed feedback.

Little Stars (1-2)

In our tots rooms we have 9 babies who are cared for by qualified staff who aim to provide a variety of stimulating activities, such as songs, stories, water play, and painting. The children have lots of fun while learning to interact with others and at the same time enjoy developing new skills.

Tweenie Room (2 to 3 years)

Our Tweenie room accommodates 10 children. At this stage they have an opportunity to discover their own independence and are provided with lots of opportunities to develop their social skills. Staff will identify the individual needs of each child and plan their activities accordingly.

Little Learners (3-5)

Our Kindergarten continues to extend your child’s learning and development by following the curriculum for excellence. Individual children’s assessments are undertaken and monitored daily by all staff. These assessments are discussed with parents at our annual end of term parents evening. All assessments are forwarded to your child’ specific primary school to ensure a smooth transition to commencing school.

Quiet Room (3-5)

This room has two computers, a printer and a scanner, which can be used by everyone in the nursery. We stock a large number of educational games for the enjoyment of the children.