Nursery Information


For the health and well-being of all children attending Treehouse nursery your child should not attend nursery if they are suffering from an infectious illness or require a 1:1 ratio. To ensure the health and well-being of all our children we have an Infectious disease policy which provides parents with information and guidance in line with local NHS guidelines.


If you wish your child to receive medication during the nursery session you must complete an administration form on a daily basis. The initial dose of any new medication must be administered by parents at home to ensure that there are no side effects or adverse reactions. For further information refer to our Medication policy.

Dental Hygiene

Treehouse Nursery is accredited on the NHS Smile Too Dental Hygiene Scheme. Our staff have been trained in the current NHS guidelines and dental hygiene procedures. We are visited regularly by our NHS Co-ordinator who ensures that our staff are following the NHS guidelines and children are achieving a high standard of dental hygiene. Children are provided with their own brushes and NHS approved toothpaste which are replaced on a regular basis.